You're 10 years old. You pick up a camera. You shoot and shoot. You fall in love with this magic of recording a moment. You put the camera down.

Many years later you pick up a camera. You shoot and shoot. You're still in love. This time you don't put the camera down.

Hi. I'm Shira. I'm an Bay Area-based photographer and this is my story. 

In 2014, I returned to one of my earliest passions and haven't looked back. My aim through photography is to create images that tell a narrative of ephemeral moments both big and small. Sometimes, only through the passage of time do these photographs truly reveal their beauty and poignancy. With an emphasis on the candid and authentic, I am dedicated to creating impactful images of Bay Area events and landscapes.

Please reach out if you'd like to work together!

Photo credit: Jessie Johnson



Nancy & Vanessa

“We asked Shira to be our wedding photographer because she’s an amazing documentary-style photographer and possesses a special talent at capturing those candid, unguarded moments. The meaning shines through in her photos— from old friends enjoying a silly dance together, to the expressions on the faces of the attendees during the poignant parts of the ceremony—her photographs go straight to the heart. Plus she’s amazing to work with: communicative and caring, and full of good humor.”

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A selection of print and digital news magazines and nonprofit publications in which my photographs have appeared.

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