You're 10 years old. You pick up a camera. You shoot and shoot. You fall in love with the magic of recording a moment. You put the camera down.

Many years later you pick up a camera. You shoot and shoot. You're still in love. This time you don't put the camera down.

Hi. I'm Shira. I'm an Bay Area-based photographer and this is my story. 

In 2014, I returned to one of my earliest passions and haven't looked back. My aim through photography is to create images that tell a narrative of ephemeral moments both big and small. Sometimes, only through the passage of time do these photographs truly reveal their beauty and poignancy. With an emphasis on the candid and authentic, I am dedicated to creating impactful images of Bay Area events and landscapes.

Photo credit: Jessie Johnson


Vanessa B.

We asked Shira to be our wedding photographer because she’s an amazing documentary-style photographer and possesses a special talent at capturing those candid, unguarded moments. The meaning shines through in her photos— from old friends enjoying a silly dance together, to the expressions on the faces of the attendees during the poignant parts of the ceremony—her photographs go straight to the heart. Plus she’s amazing to work with: communicative and caring, and full of good humor.

Dr. Jay D.

I work at a non-profit science organization that focuses on San Francisco Bay, and Shira has been outstanding as our go-to photographer for almost a decade. She has beautifully captured a wide range of subjects, including landscapes, conference settings, and holiday parties. Whether the event is formal or informal, Shira makes sure she gets the photos that are needed. She is very pleasant to work with (part of why she captures great smiles), and has an eye for beauty and a passion for her work that shines through in her photos.

Eliza H.

Shira photographed our daughter's Bat Mitzvah this past April. Her beautiful and skillful photos surpassed all of our expectations. They were the perfect mix of spontaneous yet composed. She was always in the right place at the right time, and her camera brings out the best in people, which is particularly impressive because the guests were in masks! On top of that, Shira is wonderful to work with-- kind, warm, and incredibly organized. We feel so lucky to have found her!

Liz S.

Shira was the perfect choice to photograph our son's Bar Mitzvah. She was completely prepared, having scoped out the location weeks before, and clearly cared about capturing not only wonderful images, but the meaning of this special event. Shira had to move between multiple rooms during a chaotic and crazy party and did so smoothly and unobtrusively, documenting the day beautifully and artistically. Her professionalism, clear communication, and quick turn around were also a major plus. Hire her!

Justin E.

Shira brings a warm and strategic eye to her photography style. Her attentiveness to detail in capturing portraits, group shots, and landscape results in excellent shots that our community always praises. Not only is she a skilled technical photographer, she researches her subjects and locations to understand the story behind the lens, and then brings that knowledge to the shoot. Shira is pleasant and professional to work with, curious about the shoot, and never misses a great photo op.

ruth A.

We have used Shira's photographs extensively to illustrate our reports about the SF Bay Area. We're a non-profit environmental science organization, and her photography skills and acumen have brought our publications alive. Her imagery has been so helpful in illustrating not only the Bay but complex science ideas as well. She knows the Bay Area geography like the back of her hand, and also takes photos in many challenging conditions. Our outreach material wouldn't be the same without her photographs!

Chris S.

I’ve contracted Shira for a couple live music events. What I love about her work is her ability to capture the uniqueness of the moment in either artificial or natural lighting.  She’s professional, great communicator and easy to work with.  I’ll definitely work with her again. 

Torrie E.

We received the photos. They are beautiful--exactly what we wanted! As always, thank you so much for your professionalism and quick turnaround. It's truly a joy to work with you!

Anthony p.

Our wedding was two parts: an intimate ceremony followed by a larger celebration. Shira perfectly adapted her approach to each, capturing the range of emotion and joy throughout, while remaining almost entirely invisible. She’s a total pro and delight to work with and we couldn’t be happier with the collection. You don’t just get one or two great shots with Shira — you get a volume of outstanding moments.


I asked Shira to capture a portrait of me for an upcoming magazine article. Shira was fun and entertaining and so, so good at what she does! I wasn’t nervous or uncomfortable and I felt completely confident that she would get the shot I needed for the magazine. Not only did she get the shot, she managed to capture a version of Me I was proud to present to the magazine. Someone who looked the part. Shira did that! She got me! From now on, she’s the only photographer I’ll work with!

Jolene s.

Shira's photos bring you in, tell a story and get at the spirit of the moment. Shira also has an uncanny ability to help you feel comfortable when she's working with you. I hired Shira to create beautiful images of my pizza pop-up launch and I was thrilled with the results. I would highly recommend Shira to document, capture and or elevate moments you want to remember and savor.

Erica K.

Shira did an amazing job photographing my daughter's bat mitzvah. She was extremely easy to work with, rolled with all the punches and produced beautiful pictures in spaces that were not always ideal. I wholeheartedly recommend her.

Julie B.

Shira has now captured my family at so many stages of growth and development — from a week after bringing home my newborn son, to my father in law in his last year of life. Each session has felt easy and comfortable, and the photos are beautifully candid, elegant, and even funny. They truly capture the hard-to-describe feelings in the moment, and that is so hard to do- and Shira does it seemingly effortlessly.

Stephanie S.

Shira has a pronounced artistic instinct; both her composition and lighting make her subject shine. Moreover, she seamlessly puts you right at ease, inspiring the best of you to show up which really comes through in each photo. I had a wonderful and fun experience working with her and was absolutely astonished and delighted with the photos. Thank you, Shira, for creating the perfect atmosphere and series of photos!

Katie K.

Shira's style is captivating in the way she tells a story. I hired Shira to take photos for my farm-to-bowl dog food business, Guppy's Bucket. Her pics hit the mark: They tell the story that these dogs are living the best life under the sun. She is extremely detail oriented, passionate, and committed from beginning to end. You will be delighted with her approach, her style, and the result of her exceptional work.